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  • I Spy
    I spy with my little eye, something beginning with C. You can drive it.
  • Tilly
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  • Fun Mix
    A mix of riddles, scavenger hunts, tongue twisters and more
  • MsJ
  • Magic Eye Hunt
    Find words, numbers, shapes and objects in 3D images.
  • Jack
  • Can You...?
    Let's review some action verbs
  • NoeliaMarOrt
  • Disney Animals
    Guess these famous Disney animals
  • Laura Briggs
  • Name 3
    Name things from each category.
  • KL
  • Dance Off
    Let's have a dance off! Choose the winner using the pass button or just play for fun.
  • HelloHello
  • Guess the Compound word
    Look at two pictures and try to guess what the compound word is.
  • arechiga00
  • Comparisons for Kids
    Learn and practice comparative forms with pictures and a keyword to help you. For A1 to A2 level, but especially for kids.
  • lilijane
  • Doraemon Characters
    I have realized that I haven't found any games about Doraemon characters. So if you are looking for it, here it is ^^
  • Teacher Emma
  • Name 4 Like This
    Guess the category and name four similar things
  • HelloHello
  • Critical Thinking
    Solve the riddles to show you can truly think outside the box
  • candetorres79
  • Library Scavenger Hunt
    Find the books quickly!
  • Winnie
  • Emoji Movies
    Guess movies by figuring out what the emojis mean!
  • cleoraalogan
  • Prepositions of Place
    Practising prepositions of place with Scratch characters
  • Sam
  • Move it! Find it!
    Move your body... find the things!
  • candetorres79
  • Think of Something
    A quick warm up game for young learners
  • Veronika
  • Even More Riddles
    I have no life, but I can die. What am I?
  • Multiple Choice Animals
    Choose the correct answer
  • Ronan
  • Name That Food
    Fruit, vegetables and other food.
  • Buildings In My Town
    Say the names of places in town
  • Yvettke
  • What Might They Be Thinking?
    Practice perspective taking by telling what a person might be thinking based on these pictures
  • Susan Tourdot
  • Unspoken Rules (Conversations)
    True or False social norms
  • MissMelody
  • Let's Move!
    Repeat the actions to win
  • HelloHello
  • Random Game Time
    Riddles, scavenger hunting, trivia, categories.. it's all here!
  • brchambers555
  • Think of Something
    Color, things, adjectives, etc
  • Jan.vdm01
  • Be a Dinosaur
    Each dinosaur will do something different. Do the action for each one!
  • willpetley
  • How Do You Know?
    Why do you believe what you believe? Logical thinking? Parents? Friends? Media?
  • treenmay
  • Describing Actions
    Describe the Bitmoji focusing on using the pronoun 'her'
  • Eva
  • My Slambook
    Getting To Know You Questions for ESL students
  • mrlz