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  • Home Objects Hunt
    Can you find these objects in your home?
  • larisorange
  • Getting To Know You
    Tell me something about yourself.
  • Anna
  • Learn the Alphabet
    Look at the picture and say the word
  • Baamboozle
  • Brain Games
    Tongue twisters, riddles, spelling, actions.
  • luzncs
  • How Many Animals?
    Count the number of animals.
  • Lily Wong
  • A Good Week
    Let's take a mindful moment to talk about our week together.
  • Jack
  • Animal Riddles
    Answer questions to guess the animal.
  • 50 Irregular Verbs
    A fun way to learn irregular verbs.
  • piotrmaj1701
  • What Animal Is This?
    Say the name of the animals.
  • Getting To Know You
    Discussion questions and answers
  • elenabeat
  • Deleting Sounds
    Deleting the initial sound and ending sounds from words to practice phonemic awareness.
  • Guess the Compound Word
    Look at two images and say the word.
  • Teacher Emma
  • Food and Drink
    Look at the pictures and say the name of the food or drink
  • wutwut9009
  • Letter A - Z Super Challenge!
    Look at the picture and say the word. What beginning sound? Includes a selection of words, from A to Z!
  • rosej
  • World Flags
    What country has this flag?
  • MS01
  • Gross or Not Gross?
    Practice /gr/ and contractible copulas
  • Kids Name 5 Things
    Warm up game suited to A1 level (Pre-A1 with support)
  • dorlydoo
  • Have You Ever...?
    Talk about your life experiences in this game. Say the correct participle verb and then ask somebody "Have you ever...?"
  • Nature Vocabulary
    Vocabulary with images (A2 level)
  • daniluk.s
  • Odd One Out - Simple Words
    Pick the odd word from a list of three words
  • JC
  • What did you do at Christmas?
    Past tense regular and irregular verbs
  • sandra
  • The Very Game
    Guess the words we can use instead of Very (advanced)
  • Beginning Sounds
    What letter does this begin with?
  • Phrasal Verbs - The Opposites
    Say the opposite phrasal verb
  • The Odd One Out with Verbs
    Find the verb which does not match the others (advanced)
  • Brain Breaks
    5th/6th graders need brain breaks to make it through a day in remote learning!
  • Fill in the Missing Letter
    Fun and easy alphabet words
  • What do you do at Christmas?
    Present tense adverbs of frequency
  • sandra
  • Footballer Quiz
    Guess the footballer
  • Teacher Marc
  • Size of the Problem
    Practice identifying the size of the problem for young learners
  • Mrs. Manno