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  • Peppa Pig - Prepositions of Place
    Fill in the blanks: in, above, on, behind, in front of, between, next to, under
  • english1to1
  • Alphabet Spelling
    Keywords for spelling.
  • vickylellis
  • Categories Race
    Beat the clock to share as many words that fit within the category shown
  • Find Something, Say Something, Do Something
    Activities for playing and practicing vocab.
  • rockteachers
  • School Supplies
    What is this? What are these?
  • Minna
  • Home Treasure Hunt
    Find all the things
  • Rodriwastaken
  • My Favorite
    Food, music, band, movie, series, singer, color, number, dessert, day, month, season, animal, part of the day.
  • mayara maciel
  • Caption This
    Write a funny caption for the pictures.
  • nastria
  • Mad Gab
    Come play mad gab where nothing sounds like it should.
  • Conversation Starters
    If you could be anywhere right now, where would you like to be?
  • Idioms
    Is this game a piece of cake? (C1 Level)
  • ESL Teacher
  • Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader?
    General knowledge quiz.
  • mtlake
  • International Food
    Lots of delicious food from around the world (Junior D)
  • If Questions
    Second conditional conversation starters
  • Crispa
  • 5 Second Rule
    You have 5 seconds to name the things on your card (Use the timer)
  • Trivia Kids
    General knowledge questions for young learners.
  • u_lya
  • Name Something
    Can you name something that has four wheels?
  • sifflard
  • The Letter M
    M phonics - guess the word
  • skcharm
  • Brain Teasers
    What has hands but can not clap?
  • Jack
  • Run Around the House
    A scavenger hunt to play at home
  • Jack
  • We Need To Talk
    Some fun conversation questions to help your students open up
  • JC
  • Award Show Superlatives
    Choose an award for every student
  • Winnie
  • S Sound Riddles
    Practice articulation of S sounds by guessing the object described.
  • The Solar System
    Complete sentences about the solar system
  • Syllables Clap
    Clap for each syllable and say how many there are.
  • Emoji Movies
    Guess the movie from the emojis
  • Emergency! What Happened?
    Tell a story based on the images.
  • Debate
    Show your argumentative skills with these controversial topics. Ideas should be vetted. If they hold up, they are worth clinging to
  • Home Objects Hunt
    Can you find these objects in your home?
  • wormholes63
  • Plural Nouns
    Say the plural form of regular and irregular nouns. Use the Anyone Can Answer game option to choose the winner!