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  • Two Images, One Word
    There are two pictures in each question. Let's challenge ourselves by guessing the words.
  • Teacher Emma
  • Banana Phone
    Come up with fun ways to use different objects. Use the Anyone Can Answer option to choose the winner.
  • Tilly
  • Guess the Idiom
    Look at the image and guess the missing word to make a well-known idiom
  • Baamboozle
  • Yoga Poses
    Do the Yoga pose/movement that's in the picture
  • My Favorite Things
    Simple food and colors for young kids
  • A to Z Spelling
    W is for _____.
  • Guessing Game
    Read/listen to the clues and guess what they're describing
  • 5 Second Rule
    You have 5 seconds to name the things on your card (Use the timer)
  • Yvettke
  • I Use It To
    What do you use the objects for? (5B Unit 1)
  • teacher Jill
  • Four Brands
    Tell me four brands that make the products!
  • Teacher Emma
  • Some Conversation Questions
    Questions for a warm up during class
  • R Riddles
    Articulation activity for /r/ in all positions of words
  • Tag Questions
    You're not afraid to take this challenge, are you?
  • Freddo
  • Scavenger Hunt Grade 1
    Find things in your house!
  • Halina
  • Jobs - What Do They Do?
    Talking about different jobs and what people do
  • Charlotte97
  • Mr. Garcia's Disney Trivia
    Disney characters and movies
  • The Planet Mars
    Mars Trivia
  • Mrs. Proffitt
  • Geographical Names
    Guess the word from the image
  • alexandra_m
  • The Emperor's New Clothes
    Book review game
  • Nialljcr
  • Verbs
    Simple verbs with -ing
  • Ninuka11
  • Numbers (0-1000)
    Cardinal numbers from 0 to 1000
  • MSS
  • Prepositions of Place Practice
    Where is the store?
  • kenekshenz
  • I See Ten!
    Maths Game: Spot the number bonds that make ten. If you see a number bond that makes ten you must shout out "I SEE TEN!" to win the point.
  • VickiT
  • It Is or They are?
    Singular and plural pronouns with fun gifs
  • Kary
  • The Letter K Challenge
    Does this start with k?
  • Sarcasm or Real?
    Identify if sarcasm is being used or if the person is being real. Identify sarcasm using context, tone of voice, and non-verbal language clues. Pictures provided for context.
  • speechiebee77
  • Canada
    Quiz about Canada and vocab related to Canadian animals
  • Measurements & Time
    Vocabulary review of measurement words and time-related words
  • mrjoel
  • Job Descriptions
    Read the description and guess.
  • ReynaG
  • Phonics - R controlled vowels -AR words
    Identify the -AR words by their definitions.
  • Mrs. Turner