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  • Magic Eye A to Z
    Look through the image into the distance. Each image contains one uppercase letter.
  • Ronan
  • Do the Actions
    An easy game to get students moving!
  • daniflores
  • Monsters Body Parts
    Practice "have got" with monsters.
  • Jungle Animals
    Students will revise jungle animals, colours, and sounds
  • LauraOTeacher
  • Can you find...?
    Indoor scavenger hunt
  • Laurateacher
  • Alphabet Words
    A is for___, B is for___.
  • SylwiaHD
  • Simon Says
    Repeat the action, but only when you hear "Simon Says".
  • Ronan
  • Good Vibes
    Keep calm with these mindful discussion questions and inspirational quotes.
  • HelloHello
  • Name 3 in 10
    A fun game where you name 3 things in 10 seconds. If you get all 3 then give yourself 5 points.
  • Marie Dexter
  • Animal Word Search
    Read the clue and race to find the animal (Elementary)
  • Jack
  • What Am I?
    I am tall. I have many rocks on me. People climb me sometimes. What am I?
  • winklecr
  • Fun Riddles
    Here I have brought another enjoyable game with 100+ questions in it. Don't miss the opportunity to play it with your friends or in fact your family!
  • TJ042910
  • Know Your Foods
    Food vocabulary for ESL students
  • nscole
  • Letter G Challenge
    Do these pictures start with the letter Gg?
  • Miss. B
  • Name 5 Things
    Say 5 things from the category you choose
  • abiph369
  • Move Around!
    Let's have fun and get active
  • pizzaandcats
  • Small Talk Sports
    Conversation questions about sports
  • Roll Call Questions
    Some fun questions to liven up roll call
  • Guess the Category
    Name the category that the object belongs to.
  • Mrs. Turner
  • Game of Games
    A mixture of charades, fill in the blank, draw this, and minute to win it.. all in one!
  • Stop the Bus - Basic
    Think of words that match the letter and category
  • I Like To Play Baamboozle
    Asking and answering 50 questions about what you like to do.
  • Sam
  • Martin Luther King Jr.
    Quiz about MLK
  • Winter Break Speaking
    Questions about winter break activities (A2 level)
  • magja
  • More Riddles
    How many riddles can you figure out?
  • Days & Months
    Days of the week and months of the year gap fill (A2)
  • Word Pairs
    Two words that go together. Bacon and ...
  • Actions and Activities
    Some simple actions and activities you may be familiar with
  • Minh Nhan
  • Indoor Scavenger Hunt
    Find the objects around your home and show them on your webcam
  • timteacher
  • What Animal am I?
    Guess the animals
  • Donovan