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  • This, That, These, Those
    Practice for demonstrative pronouns
  • Believe It or Not
    Make statements about yourself using the present perfect. Other students need to figure out if they are true or false by asking simple past follow up questions
  • Stop The Bus
    Teams race to write a word for each category. First team to get all words and say 'Stop the Bus' wins! Turn on the Pass button option to choose the winner each time.
  • Ronan
  • Let's Act!
    Prepare an acting challenge with your team and perform at the front of the class. You have 2 minutes.... go!
  • JC
  • Talk About It
    Guess the word, then talk about it.
  • Winnie
  • Letter D Challenge
    Do these pictures start with the letter Dd?
  • Miss. B
  • What's Your Favourite Animal?
    Otter, kangaroo, dinosaur, panda, polar bear, flamingo, giraffe, alligator, gorilla, tiger, unicorn, shark, elephant
  • Teacher Tash
  • What Are They Doing?
    Choose the correct actions
  • Winnipeg93
  • Irregular Verbs
    Get to know the second form of irregular verbs in the past tense
  • Teacher Rose
  • So Many Emotions
    How do they feel? (YL Version II)
  • JP
  • Missing letters... Help!
    Find the missing letter in each word.
  • Colourful Animals
    What colour is it?
  • JuliaS
  • Personal Information
    Discussion questions for you
  • Taboo
    One team member looks away and must guess the word. Other team members cannot say the words in the list
  • Ronan
  • Truth or Dare
    Choose a number and be brave
  • Ale
  • Name 3 Things
    Can you name three pets?
  • Laurateacher
  • Find It!
    Can you find these items in 25 seconds or less?
  • MelissaP
  • Alphabet Animal Acting
    Say the name of the animal and act it out.
  • HelloHello
  • Name That Fruit
    How many do you know?
  • manu
  • School Things
    Vocabulary about school items and school places.
  • Have You Ever?
    Complete the questions with regular verbs
  • Erikahk
  • Can or Can't
    Complete the sentences using can or can't.
  • The Magic Number
    Can you name 3 animals that can swim?
  • Odd One Out
    Which one doesn't belong?
  • nunamhbs
  • Spelling B _ _
    Look at the picture and spell the word.
  • Ronan
  • Song Association
    Find and sing lyrics that contain this word.
  • Name That Movie
    How many recent and famous movies can you name?
  • chad
  • How Animals Move
    Hop, slither, slide, run, crawl, climb (G1B)
  • AmyHD
  • Conversation Topics - Books
    What was the last book you read?
  • Alcia
  • Simple Counting
    How many ... are there? How many ... is there?