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Easter Quiz
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  • Name 3 animals connected to Easter
    Hen, Lamb, Bunny
  • It grows in the garden, with green leaves and a stalk. It has many different colours but it can't walk. You can smell them and see many of them every spring. It's also a present your loved one may bring.
  • You put things inside it. And carry it in your hand. It's made of wicker or plastic. It's my dear Easter friend.
    Easter Basket
  • Give three names of flowers in English.
    Tulip, crocus, rose
  • Cheerful, yellow spring flower.
  • You may go on an Easter egg....
  • It's fluffy and cute. And hops pretty high. It's sweet like a fruit. But it can't fly.
    Easter Bunny
  • You can wish "Merry Christmas", how about Easter?
    Happy Easter !
  • It has a shape that is oval. And a yolk, white and shell. You dye it at Easter. Mine once broke when on the floor it fell.
  • These hatch out of real eggs.
  • Show off your Easter bonnet at one.
    Easter Parade
  • The season in which Easter is celebrated.
  • Easter eggs are often made out of this treat.
  • Collect your eggs in this.
  • We give chocolate ones at Easter.
    Chocolate Eggs
  • All the children go outside, even when it's cold. And they look in and out, and under. Everyone young and old. Looks around and wonders. At Easter time- it's a big attraction. What do you call this strange action?
    Easter Egg Hunt