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Challenging negative self talk

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    What can the person say to themself to challenge the negative thought?
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  • There's no point trying out for the play because I won't get a good part
    There's no way of knowing if I don't at least try
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  • There's no way I am going to pass this Math test no matter how hard I study
    My life isn't over if I fail a Math test
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  • If I just lost 10 lbs my life would be perfect. 
    What are some things I do like about my appearance?
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  • She only invited me to the party because our parents are friends
    Maybe she wanted to invite me to the party
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  • If I ask my mom to take me shopping she will say she is too busy
    I could ask her to order the outfit online instead
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  • I failed the Science test because I am stupid
    I may need to study harder or get a tutor
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  • The person I have a crush on doesn't care I exist. They always ignore me. I just know I am going to be live alone for the rest of my life with 1,000 cats.
    I cannot read someone else's mind
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  • My parent is going to be furious at me when they find out I dyed my hair purple!
    I cannot predict someone else's actions
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  • Everyone is allowed to use social media but me! It's so unfair!
    There are lots of people in the world who don't even have access to social media. Can you think of some reasons a parent may not want a kid to use social media
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  • I had trouble sleeping last night so I will, again, tonight
    What are some things I can to relax before bedtime?
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  • The substitute teacher is going to be boring
    What information do I have to support this?
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  • True or false: intrusive thoughts are when aliens arrive in UFOs and take over your brain
    False... but it may feel like aliens are taking over your brain! Intrusive thoughts are upsetting and unwanted ideas. Remember thoughts are only thoughts.
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  • I can't believe I forgot my line in the play. The entire thing was ruined because of me!
    I'm disappointed in myself but there is another performance tomorrow and I will try my best to remember my lines.
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  • I texted my friend several times today and she didn't text me back. I must have done something to make her mad. I can't believe she's ghosting me!
    This is mind reading. Can you think of another reason a friend may not have texted you back?
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  • True or False: Self-esteem has to do with our overall judgement of our self-worth and how we feel about ourselves.
    True. What is something you identify as one of your strengths?
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