Guess the Gibberish

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  • Tennis wrack hit
    Tennis racquet
  • Dawn ways might i'm
    Don't waste my time
  • Fish hits bin hers
    Fidget spinners
  • Veer of mess sing oat
    Fear of missing out
  • Hoe pin-up hits depot lease
    Open up! It's the police.
  • Buffer toll led me ache us elf fee
    But first, let me take a selfie
  • Meek came haus
    Mickey Mouse
  • Gay twin sled
    Kate Winslet
  • Boe day tote ships
    Potato chips
  • Jock lit prow knees
    Chocolate brownies
  • Clue tin furry
    Gluten free
  • Mere ares elf free
    Mirror selfie
  • Weed hid dents tart thief higher
    We didn't start the fire
  • Lowa cope liked is
    I woke up like this
  • Eye yam stew speed
    I am stupid
  • Hints toe crom storry
    Instagram Story
  • Police dew nad hutch
    Please do not touch
  • Whole avant fork wrist mist issue
    All I want for Christmas is you
  • Elle in fat end threw him
    Elephant in the home
  • I'm issues home hutch
    I miss you so much
  • Han dover theme honey
    Hand over the money