One Day - Chapter 1

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  • I _____ _____ teeth.
    I brushed my teeth.
  • I _____ my cup.
    I filled my cup.
  • My alarm went _____.
    My alarm went off.
  • Were they able to find seats on the bus?
    Yes, they were.
  • What's his cat's name?
    We don't know.
  • I yawned and _____.
    I yawned and stretched.
  • Who did he kneel down to pet?
    He knelt down to pet his cat.
  • True or false? He made tea.
    False. He made coffee.
  • I _____ _____ shower.
    I took a shower.
  • I _____ a _____ of juice.
    I poured a glass of juice.
  • I _____ the shades.
    I raised the shades.
  • The Sun _____ up.
    The Sun came up.
  • I ______ my eyes.
    I rubbed my eyes.
  • We open and close curtains. We _____ and _____ shades.
    We open and close curtains. We raise and lower shades.
  • I _____a sip.
    I took a sip.
  • I got _____ of bed.
    I got out of bed.
  • What day was it?
    It was Monday.
  • Why did he heat up water?
    He heated up water to make coffee.
  • Did he brush his hair?
    No, he didn't. He combed it.
  • What is another way to say "line up?"
    to get in line
  • I _____ the glass _____.
    I put the glass down.
  • Did he remember to lock the door?
    Yes he did. He locked it.
  • I _____ my phone.
    I grabbed my phone.
  • Were they the only people at the bus stop?
    No, there were other people there.
  • I _____ dressed.
    I got dressed.
  • I _____ ready _____ leave.
    I got ready to leave.
  • Did he button up his coat?
    No, he didn't. He zipped it up.