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  • I get up at 6 o'clock.
    I DON'T GET UP at 6 o'clock.

  • He enjoys skiing.
    He DOESN'T ENJOY skiing.

  • They feel happy.
    They DON'T FEEL happy.

  • He paints beautiful pictures.
    He DOESN'T PAINT beautiful pictures.

  • She has 2 dogs.
    She DOESN'T HAVE 2 dogs.

  • He sounds angry.
    He DOESN'T SOUND angry.

  • We watch TV in the evening.
    We DON'T WATCH TV in the evening.

  • He puts his books in his bag.
    He DOESN'T PUT his books in his bag.

  • They come from Canada.
    They DON'T COME from Canada.

  • He drinks water.
    He DOESN'T DRINK water.

  • They buy their fish at the fishmonger's.
    They DON'T BUY their fish at the fishmonger's.

  • She touches her hair.
    She DOESN'T TOUCH her hair.

  • The chips taste delicious.
    The chips DON'T TASTE delicious.

  • She takes her dog out for a walk.
    She DOESN'T TAKE her dog for a walk.

  • He does yoga.
    He DOESN'T DO yoga.

  • They swim every day.
    They DON'T SWIM every day.

  • He goes to the market every day.
    He DOESN'T GO to the market every day.

  • They bring their books to class.
    They DON'T BRING their books to class.

  • They eat lunch at a restaurant.
    They DON'T EAT lunch at a restaurant.

  • She plays the flute.
    She DOESN'T PLAY the flute.

  • She likes chocolate cake.
    She DOESN'T LIKE chocolate cake.

  • We try new dishes every day.
    We DON'T TRY new dishes every day.

  • She sings in a band.
    She DOESN'T SING in a band.

  • She often falls when she is dancing.
    She DOESN'T FALL when she is dancing.

  • They look serious.
    They DON'T LOOK serious.