ai / ay / a-e

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  • rain
    He is in the 「rain」.
  • train
    The 「train」 is very fast.
  • pay
    I 「pay」 for the train ticket.
  • chain
    The 「nail」 is in the chain.
  • day
    It is a good day.
  • play
    We all like to「play.」
  • game
    It's a fun game.
  • Sunday
    Sunday is a fun day.
  • late
    There are being late.
  • hay
    There is a lot of hay.
  • rain
    They are all in the rain.
  • Sunday
    Sunday is a fun day.
  • tail
    This cat has a black「tail.」
  • tray
    Food is on the tray.
  • hay
    The 「mail」 is on the hay.