Present Perfect or Past Simple?

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  • Your car looks very clean. ____________(you/wash) it?
    Have you washed
  • When we _________(be) on holiday in Greece, it _________(not/rain) at all.
    were; didn't rain
  • We _____ (already, be) to Rome and Paris. We would like to go again next year.
    have already been
  • When I was in the shopping centre I _______(lose) my wallet.
  • I can't find the key. I think I _________(lose) it.
    have lost it
  • _________(the Chinese/invent) gunpowder?
    Did the Chinese invent
  • How many lessons ________(you/have) on Monday?
    did you have
  • How many matches __________(our football team/lose) so far this season?
    has our football team lost
  • I __________(lie) in the sun for a long time yesterday.
  • When _________(you/ break) your leg?
    did you break
  • What _________(you/learn) since you came here?
    have you learnt
  • I ______ (always love) the ocean, ever since I was a girl.
    have always loved
  • Mary is not here. She _________(go) shopping with her husband.
    has gone
  • Who _________(write) "Hamlet"?
  • Last night my sister and I _________(have) some free time, so we__________(go) to the cinema.
    had; went
  • The man ___ (fall) off his bike and ____ (break) his leg.
    fell; broke
  • My grandpa __________(work) for this company for more than 30 years and then he __________(retire).
    worked; retired
  • George _______(not/be)very well last week so he _________(not/be) at school since last Monday.
    wasn't; hasn't been
  • Mr Clark ________(already/work) in a bank for 15 years.
    has already worked
  • Ouch! I _________(hurt) my knee. It's bleeding.
    have hurt
  • We ____ (study) at the same university in 2001.