Possessive Adjectives x Possessive Pronouns

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  • Are these _____ (their/theirs) shoes?
    Are these their shoes?
  • Susan has a red bike. That bike is _____.
    That bike is hers.
  • Jonathan lives with Mary. He lives in ____ house.
    He lives in her house.
  • Christina has a big house. _____ house is in Oak Street.
    Her house is in Oak Street.
  • Julia has a cat. She calls ____ cat Lulu.
    She calls her cat Lulu.
  • My mother cooks for my sister and me. My mother makes _____ food.
    My mother makes our food.
  • Is the flat ______ (her/hers)?
    Is the flat hers?
  • That blue coat is _____ (her/hers).
    That blue coat is hers.
  • This house is _____ (our/ours)
  • This is ____ (our/ours) classroom.
    This is our classroom.
  • This pencil is _______ (my/mine).
    This pencil is mine.
  • Is this book _________ (your/yours)?
    Is this book yours?
  • Paul and Sarah have a black car. This car is ______.
    This car is theirs.
  • Daniel has a blue T-shirt. This T-shirt is ____.
    This T-shirt is his.
  • There is a TV in ____ (my/mine) living room.
    There is a TV in my living room.
  • This computer is _____ (my/mine)
  • Is this _______ (our/ours) pizza?
    Is this our pizza?
  • Michael has a brother. I know _____ brother.
    I know his brother.