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Move It (The Holiday Edition)

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  • Can you tiptoe like Santa?
    Very very quiet!
  • Can you wave your hands like the snowman?
  • Can you see something that twinkles?
    Oooh, pretty!
  • Can you prance like a reindeer?
    Great job!
  • Can you unwrap a present?
    That was fast!
  • Can you sing "Jingle Bells?"
    Dashing through the snow!
  • Can you make reindeer antlers with your hands?
    Those are nice!
  • Can you fly like a reindeer?
  • Can you throw a snowball?
    That went far!
  • Can you run in a circle like an elf?
    Don't get dizzy!
  • Can you find something round?
  • Can you tie a ribbon?
    Well done!
  • Can you dance like Santa?
    Nice Moves!
  • Can you stomp your feet like an elf?
  • Can you build a snowman?
  • Can you find something gold?
    Oooh sparkly!
  • Can you eat some pumpkin pie?
  • Can you walk like a penguin?
    Walk it!
  • Can you find something we'd put on the top of the tree?
    I like it!
  • Can you find something green?
  • Find something red!
    That is very red!
  • Can you wiggle like a gingerbread man?
  • Can you frown like the Grinch?
    Angry faces everywhere!
  • Can you say "Ho Ho Ho" like Santa?
    Ho Ho Ho!