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B2+ U5 Vocabulary
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  • You know you’ll _____________ if you forget to do it, so just do it now!
    kick yourself
  • I think he's still _______________________ the death of his wife.
    coming to terms with
  • Despite harsh criticism, she's _________________ on this issue. She won't give up.
    sticking to her guns
  • She's always been completely ____________ in her children and ignored other things.
    wrapped up
  • He was ___________ the traffic.He had been stuck for 5 hours.
    appalled by
  • She finally stopped crying and ___________________herself.
  • I think she was pretty __________ by the accident.She even couldn't speak.
    shaken up
  • He ________________and managed to wrestle the knife from his attacker's hands.
    fought back
  • There's no need to ________________ - you can sing as well as anyone.
    hang back
  • Stop ____________________ - this is serious!
    fooling around
  • He was very brave. He wasn't afraid to _____________ bullies.
    stand up to
  • He wants a full refund and he won't _______________anything less.
    settle for
  • I know he's annoying, but you shouldn't let him ________ you. Don't be upset.
    get to
  • He ____________ the chance to join the band.
    jumped at
  • Look at him. He's not really angry - he's just ___________ you on.