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  • She/always shop/ never save money
    she is always shopping. she is never saving  money.
  •  He/always listen to loud music/ never listen to soft music
    He is always listening to loud music he is never listening to soft music.
  • He/ always eat junk food/ never eat healthy food
    he is always eating junk food . he is never eating healthy food.
  • You/always... coppy homework / you never homework yourself
    you are always coppying my homework. you are never doing homework yourself.
  • They/ always make so much noise / never keep quiet at night
    They are always making so much noise. They are never keeping quiet at night
  • She/ always talk on the phone. never do home work
    she is always talking on the phone. he is never doing her homework.
  • you/ always put things everywhere/ never tidy up the room
    You are always putting things everywhere. you are never tidying up your room.
  • They/ always run inside the house/ never walk
    they are always running inside the house they are never walking.
  • you/ always lie on the sofa/ never do house work
    You are always lying on the sofa. you are never doing house work
  • He/ always watch TV/ never do exercise
    He is always watching TV. he is never doing exercise.