Thanksgiving Conversations

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  • Who's house would you like to go to for Thanksgiving? Ask person to your right, comment and end the conversation.
  • What is your favorite kind of pie? Ask another person what their favorite is.
    Pumpkin, sweet potato, apple....
  • Role Play: You are watching football with your cousin, you have to go to your grandma's house now for dinner. End the conversation.
  • Would you rather help cook the food or help wash the dishes? Ask another peer, give a comment or ask question.
  • Role play: You are talking with your cousin, you have to go help set the table, end the conversation.
  • If you got the wishbone what would you wish for? Ask another peer and give a comment
  • Name 2 things you are grateful for. Ask another person what they are grateful for and ask a question or comment.
  • Would you rather play a game of football or watch football? Ask the person to your left.
  • Are you going anywhere for Thanksgiving? Ask another person where they are going. 
    Grandparents, your house, Aunts and Uncles.. 
  • Does your family have a Thanksgiving tradition? Ask the opposing team what their Thanksgiving traditions are and give a comment or question
  • Role Play: Your aunt just came over, start a conversation, maintain (2 turns) , then end conversation.
  • Role Play: You are at a Thanksgiving dinner, you are talking to your friend but you have to go help with the dishes, end the conversation.
  • What is your favorite way to eat potatoes? Ask another person what their favorite is.
    Mashed potatoes, baked, fries?
  • Would you rather watch the Thanksgiving parade or be in it? Why?
  • Share a story about your favorite Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone ask a question or comment.
    Keep Going!
  • Are you a turkey person or a ham person? Ask the peer with the longest hair!
  • Ask the tallest person if they go shopping during Black Friday and after they answer, end the conversation.
  • Role Play: Pretend you and your peer are at a Thanksgiving dinner. Start a conversation, maintain, then end the conversation.
  • What is your favorite Thanksgiving food? Ask another person what their favorite is. 
    Turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, green beans....