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Present Simple
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  • They (to be) Sandy's parents.
    They are Sandy's parents.
  • It often (rain) on Sundays.
    It often rains on Sundays.
  • She swims in a pool. Where? Make a question
    Where does she swim?
  • you / mineral water? (to drink) Make a question
    Do you drink mineral water?
  • I always (hurry) to the bus stop.
    I always hurry to the bus stop.
  • She (to be) six years old.
    She is six years old.
  • Simon (to have) two rabbits and five goldfish.
    Simon has two rabbits and five goldfish.
  • They are eleven. Make it negative
    They aren't eleven.
  • when / he / to go / home . Make a question
    When does he go home?
  • My father makes breakfast. make it negative
    My father doesn't make breakfast.
  • You finish school at 3:30pm. When? Make a question
    When do you finish school?
  • I (to be) from Vienna, Austria.
    I am from Vienna, Austria.
  • Nina / computer games? (to play) Make a question
    Does Nina play computer game?
  • I speak Italian. Make it negative
    I don't speak Italian.
  • They go to school by bus. How? Make a question
    How do they go to school?
  • She writes a letter. Make it negative
    She doesn't write a letter.
  • Janet never (to wear) jeans.
    Janet never wears jeans.
  • they / in the old house? (to live) Make a question
    Do they live in the old house?
  • you / to speak / English. Make a question
    Do you speak English?
  • Mr Smith (to teach) Spanish and French.
    Mr Smith teaches Spanish and French.
  • Emily (go) to the disco.
    Emily goes to the disco.
  • The girls always (to listen) to pop music.
    The girls always listen to pop music.
  • We sometimes (read) books.
    We sometimes read books.
  • Pete and his sister (wash) the family car.
    Pete and his sister wash the family car.
  • where / she / to ride / her bike . Make a question
    Where does she ride her bike?
  • Billy / to work / in the supermarket . Make a question
    Does Billy work in the superkarket?
  • they / to clean / the bathroom. Make a question
    Do they clean the bathroom?
  • your teacher / your homework? (to check). Make a question
    Does your teacher check your homework?