Air Travel Vocabulary

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  • What is this?
    An emergency xit
  • What's this?
    Security / Security check
  • The cheapest kind of airline...
    Low-cost / Budget
  • You arrive really late at night, but luckily, a friend comes to _____ you _____ at the airport.
    pick / up
  • What's this called?
    Luggage / Suitcase
  • What's this verb?
    Land / Landing
  • The part of the plane were the pilots sit...
  • Where are you?
  • What is this?
    Hand luggage
  • A synonym of 'disembark' a plane.
    Get off
  • What's this?
    A seat belt
  • A-'What's happening?' B-'We're experiencing some...'
  • A plane ___________ when it begins to fly
    takes off
  • What is this?
    An overhead locker
  • What are you doing?
    Checking in 
  • What is this?
    A gate
  • What is this?
    A boarding pass
  • The rear part of the plane is called...
  • What is this?
    An aisle
  • An adjective to say the plane will not arrive on time?
  • Apart from a passport, what do non-U.S. citizen air travelers need to enter the US now?
    Vaccination proof
  • What are the people who board on a plane called?
  • A synonym of "get on" the plane...
  • A-'Where are you?' B-'I'm waiting for my suitcase at the ____ _____.'
    Baggage reclaim
  • What are these called?
  • What do you usually need to enter or leave a country?
    A passport