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  • It's a fruit and a colour. You can make fruit juice from this fruit. It has a lot of vitamin C.
  • Most children and grown-ups love eating these but they are bad for your teeth!
  • It's a sour drink made from lemons. It's very refreshing!
  • It's a very sweet dessert. You can eat it at your birthday party and blow the candles!
  • This tropical fruit is yellow inside. You can eat it and you can make juice from it too. It's very juicy.
  • It's hot. You can eat or drink this from a bowl or from a cup. You can put vegetables or meat in it.
  • This drink is black and bitter. Some people put milk and sugar in this hot drink.
  • It's a long vegetable. Rabbits and horses love eating this. It's orange. You can make a delicious cake with this vegetable.
  • It's a drink. It's white. It comes from cows.
  • It lives in the sea. You can fish it and eat it with rice or chips. It's very healthy. Cats love to eat this food.
  • You make this with two slices of bread and you can put cheese, meat or salad inside
  • It's sweet and cold. It comes in different flavors like chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry, and many other flavors. You can also put toppings on it like chocolate syrup, chocolate chips, or anything else.
  • It's fast food. It has meat in it. Most people put toppings on it like ketchup, cheese, or mustard.
  • You find this yellow fruit on trees. Monkeys really like them!
  • It's a big, round fruit that we eat in summer. It has got little black seeds inside. It's very juicy and refreshing.
  • It's a kind of candy. It's very common around the world. It can come in milk, dark or white. It's very sweet and tasty
  • It is a food made from milk. It's yellow and you can eat it with bread. Mice love it!
  • It's fast food and it's salty. It usually comes with a burger. It is made out of a potato.