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  • Where do they study?
    Monster High
  • Whtas Chuky's bride's name?
    Tiffany Valentine
  • Whats Jacks occupation?
    Being the Halloween King
  • Who is this?
    Teacher Vale :P
  • Whos is the Classic Vampire?
  • Who are they?
    The Adams Family
  • Who is she?
    The other mom
  • Which is the best Halloween film?
    Hocus Pocus <3
  • Whta this movie's name?
    Hocus Pocus
  • What is his name?
  • What are this pumpkins called?
    Jack O' Laterns
  • Who are this iconic Halloween Princesses?
    The Twitches
  • Complete the song: "This is _____, this is _____"
    halloween halloween
  • Where is this from?
    The Purge