Halloween Around the World

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  • Trick or treating, Bonfires and carving pumpkins are traditions of which country?
    England / UK
  • In which country did Halloween originate?
  • People put their knives away in this country on Halloween, because they don't want to risk harming "returning spirits".
  • What animal is often banned from adoptions during the month of October and especially on Halloween?
    Black Cat
  • Which country hides their knives because they fear spirits will attack them?
  • What Mexican holiday is known as a time to remember family and friends?
    The Day of the Dead
  • What vegetable was originally used for carving jack-o-lanterns?
  • Which country have empty chairs around the bonfire for their deceased family to join?
    Czech Republic
  • Which large fruit is carved to make jack-o-lanterns?
  • When the Romans conquered the Celtics, they introduced the Pomona holiday. What fruit symbolized the holiday, and what current Halloween tradition did it lead to?
    apples, bobbing for apples
  • What is Austria's tradition? Leaving out....for their deceased family members
    Bread and water
  • Which animal is a top trending costume for 2017?
  • The Awuru Odo Festival marks the return of dearly departed friends and family members back to the living. In what country does it take place?
  • In what country is Halloween known as the "Festival of Hungry Ghosts"?