Wh Questions for Thanksgiving

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  • What is she doing?
    Getting the turkey out of the oven/carrying the turkey.
  • What can you put on mashed potatoes?
    Gravy or butter.
  • What will the turkey eat?
    (any reasonable answer)
  • In what season is Thanksgiving?
  • Who is preparing the turkey?
    The woman.
  • Where was the turkey?
    In a bag.
  • What is she wearing on her head?
    A turkey!
  • What is the turkey wearing?
    A headband and shoes.
  • What happened?
    Her food spilled.
  • Where is the turkey?
    In a pot.
  • What are the turkeys doing?
    Going around in circles.
  • Who is at the end of the line?
  • Where is the woman putting the turkey?
    On the table.
  • Where are they eating for Thanksgiving?
    They are eating outside.
  • Why is she cutting the turkey?
    So the family can eat it.
  • What does the turkey see?
    A cooked turkey.
  • When do you have pie?
    After dinner.
  • What is the turkey doing?
    Jumping on the pig!
  • What can you make to eat with a pumpkin?
    A pumpkin pie!
  • What are they doing?
    Knocking on a door.