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Parts of Speech
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  • Find the verb(s): The tall student jumped over the black and white horse.

  • Find the noun(s): Sometimes, my best friend and I go to the nearby library together.
    friend, library

  • Use an article: When I dropped my phone ... screen broke.

  • Find the adverb(s): Yesterday, I went to the local cinema.

  • Find the pronoun(s): Alice told her to be more careful in future.

  • How many adjectives? The blonde girl has beautiful blue eyes.
    3 - blonde, beautiful, blue

  • Use an adverb: I ... do my homework because the teacher never checks it.
    never, rarely, seldom, hardly ever, etc...

  • Find the preposition(s): The brave fireman proudly stood on the burning roof while the others watched from under the old oak tree.
    on, from, under

  • Use a preposition: We swam ... the sea until our arms were sore.

  • How many verbs? I wish to wish the wish you wish to wish.
    4 - I wish to wish the wish[noun] you wish to wish.

  • Use a conjunction: I have four sisters ... no brothers.

  • How many articles? An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
    3 - an, a, the

  • Find the noun(s): I baked a delicious cake.

  • Use prepositions: Keeping your money ... a bank is safer than hiding it ... your bed.
    in / under

  • Find the adjective(s): I've never been to an NFL game but I really love watching it on television.

  • Use an interjection: ... That's my pen, give it back.
    Hey! / No! / Stop! / Wait! etc...

  • Use conjunctions: We could go to the countryside ... the city ... not both.
    or / but

  • Find the pronoun(s): If I were you, I wouldn't say it to him again.
    I, you, I, it, him

  • Find the verb(s): I just want to stay in my cozy bed all day reading fantasy novels.
    want, stay, reading

  • Find the interjection(s): Congratulations! You passed the difficult test with a really high score! Bravo!
    Congratulations! / Bravo!