Reading Trophy 4 - Unit 7 Review

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  • If the fire alarms ring, do not __________. Stay calm!
  • Use the word "spring" in a sentence.
    Answers vary
  • Quicksand is a mixture of what?
    A mixture of water and sand
  • A leaf is floating on the ____________ of the water.
  • Where can you find quicksand?
    It can form along the shore of ponds or rivers.
  • Why is it called "quicksand"?
    It refers to how fast and easily the sand moves in this state.
  • How do you float on the surface of quicksand?
    Move your arms and legs apart and lie on your back.
  • What score do you think you will get on your speaking test?
    Probably 0
  • Use the word "struggle" in a sentence.
    Answers vary
  • Use the word "relax" in a sentence
    Answers vary
  • How deep can you sink in quicksand?
    Only about 1 meter
  • If you fell into quicksand, what would you do?
    Move slowly, relax, try to lay back, call 119
  • A car crash can be ____________.
  • Use the word "drown" in a sentence.
    Answers vary
  • Amy is trying to lose _________.
  • You should always wear a seat belt for _________.
  • Mud is a __________ of water and dirt.
  • What happens when you struggle in quicksand?
    The more you struggle, the faster you sink.
  • If you step in quicksand, what should you do?
    You should move slowly.
  • Where might you find quicksand in Korea?
    Anywhere along the coast/shore (Busan, Pohang, Ulsan, Incheon, etc...)