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  • Enumerate some of the altered reactions produced on the nervous system when somebody lies
    heart beating, excessive sweating, swallowing, blinking
  • What are some of the voice changes produced when you lie?
    voice gets louder, change the tone
  • the state in which two people are aware of looking directly into one another's eyes.
    eye contact
  • a minor or careles mistake
    slip up
  • to contract the brow in displeasure or concentration
  • a movement usually of the body or limbs that expresses or emphasizes an idea, sentiment or attitude
  • when lying, the ...............and .................. rates get altered
    heart and breathing rates
  • What is the glabella?
    the smooth prominence between the eyebrows
  • to partly close your eyes in order to see more clearly
  • The act of causing someone to accept as true or valid waht is false or invalid.
  • Liers tend to use them in order to create mental space between the story and themselves.
    distant pronouns
  • the conscious and unconsciuos movements and postures by which attitudes and feelings are communicatedd
    body language
  • Liers usually : ............ their legs, ........ their fingers and ........... their hands
    shake, tap, wave
  • the part of the face above the eyebrows
  • a small ridge or furrow especially formed on a surface by shrinking opr contraction of a smooth surface. Specifically one in the skin is caused by age, worry or fatigue.
  • Why can lying be a slippery slope?
    you can get used to it.
  • What type of phrases do liers tend to use?
    repeated, recycled
  • to close and open the eyes quickly, once or several times
  • A popular term for the observation that the telling of lies results in changes in temperaturature around the nose and other physical reactions.
    Pinnocchio effect