Past Perfect or Past Simple?

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  • When we came back, it was cold in the house because Alice (close / not) the windows.
    hadn't closed
  • They (go) to a restaurant after they (sail).
    went, had sailed
  • We ate at a restaurant last night because I (buy / not) anything for dinner.
    hadn't bought
  • (you / eat) anything before you went to the theatre?
    Had you eaten
  • (he / live) in London before he moved to Glasgow?
    Had he lived
  • They (have) a party before Julie (get) home from her holiday.
    had had, got
  • After they (see) the Tower, they (go) to Westminster Abbey.
    had seen, went
  • (Carly / wash) the dishes when her mum came home?
    Had Carly washed
  • (they / book) a room before they went to Dublin?
    Had they booked
  • Before they (start) the party, they (invite) some friends.
    started, had invited
  • In the shopping centre I (meet) a friend I (not see) for ages.
    met, hadn't seen
  • The thief (can) walk right into the house because you (lock / not) the door.
    could, hadn't locked
  • She (open) the box after she (find) the key.
    opened, had found
  • We (lose) the match because we (practise / not) the days before.
    lost, hadn't practised
  • After Columbus (discover) America, he (return) to Spain.
    had discovered, returned
  • (what / Bob / do) that he was kept in after school?
    What had Bob done
  • He (ask) me which animals I (see) in Africa.
    asked, had seen
  • (why / they / have) dinner before they came to the party?
    Why had they had
  • Before they (move) to Liverpool, they (sell) everything.
    moved, had sold