Cleft Sentences

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  • The book is on the top shelf.
    It is on the top shelf where the book is.
  • Say something you like to do on your free time.
    What I like to do on my free time is...
  • Say something you find really easy to do.
    What I find really easy to do is...
  • Say what annoys you about your city (it’s).
    It's _______ that annoys me about my city.
  • I borrowed those books.
    Those were the books I borrowed.
  • Say something you like about vacation.
    What I like about vacation is...
  • Say who taught you something.
    Who taught me something was...
  • Say something you don’t understand about life/the universe/people/nature/politics/etc.
    What I dislike about life/the universe/people/nature/politics/etc. is...
  • Say something you need to change in your life.
    What I need to change in my life is...
  • Say something you dislike about school/work.
    What I dislike about school/work is...
  • My father gave me the money.
    It was my father who gave me the money.
  • You called me on Tuesday.
    It was Tuesday that you called me.