Holidays and tourism

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  • A What time are you leaving in the morning? B We're going to (get around/get back/set off) at 6.30 a.m.)
    set off
  • The r _ _ _ _ _ (isolated) village we stayed in was over 30 km from the nearest big town.
  • Tony's going to pack his bags before he (go) to bed.
  • Some of Britain's beach resorts are rather r_ _ - _ _ _ _ (neglected).
  • We booked the hotel (early) to ensure that we got a nice room.
  • Rio de Janeiro is at its most v_ _ _ _ _ _  (exciting) at carnival time.
  • Can you * a tent and take it down again on your own?
    put up
  • A Did you walk everywhere in london? B No, we used the tourist bus to (stop over/get around/pull up).
    get around
  • Try (hard) not to look like a tourist when you're alone in a foreign county.
  • I'm doing an online Spanish course before I go to Spain. I hope (learn) enough by the time I go.
    will have learned
  • Would you * a campfire on the beach?
  • Holly's flight from Paris to San Franciso leaves at 9 a.m. At 6 p.m., she (fly) for nine hours.
    will have been flying
  • It took us (rough) half an hour to get there.
  • I'll be able to tell you what time I'm leaving once I (check) the time of my flight.
    've checked / check
  • I won't go to the beach tomorrow if it (rain).
    's raining / rains
  • We'll be staying with my aunt when we (be) in Vancouver.