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Just in time 1

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  • How do you know they were in Egypt in the past?
    Because they saw ancient pyramids.
  • 6. What did the robot tell them?
    That time machines are not allowed and he will arrest them.
  • What was Jody’s mistake?
    She turned the dial the wrong way.
  • 5. What was the robot like?
    It was enormous and made of metal.
  • 9. Why are they happy at the end?
    Because they were home just in time.
  • 3. What does Kurt think he will see in the future?
    flying cars and robots
  • 7. Why do they leave the future quickly?
    Because the robot wanted to arrest them
  • 8. What does the robot warn them about?
    That he will bring them to prison.
  • 4. What year do they arrive in the future?
    the year 3000