Logo Riddles

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  • Can you find the mistake? (Do you remember what the real White House looks like?)
    There are two chimneys on the roof of the real White House.
  • What secret animals do you see?
    There is a gorilla, fish, and a lioness
  • What is the secret number?
  • Where is the secret bottle?
    in the "in"
  • Where is the secret animal?
    in the "py"
  • Where is the secret flag?
    in the o of "cola"
  • Can you see the secret animal in the logo?
    There's a bear in the mountain!
  • What do you need to change to turn it into a smile?
    Take all the letters out and add an eye.
  • Can you find some secret in this logo?
    the word "eleven" (all of the letters are upper case except for the n)
  • Can you find the hidden message?
    it's in her shirt (it says MOM)
  • Do you see the secret kiss?
    It's in the "KI"
  • Where is the spoon?
    In the writing nib
  • Can you see the secret bird?
    It's a peacock
  • Where is the hidden weapon?
    in the "a"
  • Can you find the hidden arrow in the logo?
    It's in the "EX"
  • Do you see where the secret city is?
    It's in the giraffe legs
  • What is the P supposed to be?
    a pin
  • What is the hidden number in this logo?
  • What are the secret letters in the baseball glove?