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Present Perfect

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  • How many cups of cofee _______________ today? (YOU / HAVE)
    did you have
  • This is the third time you _______ on me. Do you want to go for lunch or not?? (CANCEL)
    have cancelled
  • Jim __________ tennis since he was six. (PLAY)
    havs been playing
  • He is completely exhausted. He __________ for a few hours. (CLIMB)
    has been climbing
  • How long _____ to play the piano? (YOU LEARN)
    have you been learning
  • Over the last month, I _______ hard for my next marathon - just today I ______ over 20 km. (TRAIN / RUN)
    have been training / have run
  • Why are you eyes so red? ________ (YOU CRY)?
    Have you been crying
  • My neighbours ________ a nice cabin in the mountains. (BUILD)
    have built
  • I'm sorry I'm covered in mud - I __________ in the garden all morning. (WORK)
    have been working
  • How long _____ the flu? (YOU /HAVE)
    have you had
  • You're finally here! Where __________ ? I __________ for over an hour and it's freezing! (BE / WAIT)
    have you been / have been waiting
  • I can't find my keys. I think I _______________ them. (LOSE)
    have lost
  • I _________ plenty of charity work lately - just last week I _________ to help an old man cross the street. (DO/ VOLUNTEER)
    have done / volunteered
  • Mary isn't here because she _______________ shopping with Sue. (GO)
    has gone
  • How many tests _______ so far? (HAVE)
    have you had
  • It __________ for many days. I wonder when it will stop raining. (RAIN)
    has been raining
  • They __________ six countries so far. (SEE)
    have seen
  • My neighbours ________ a nice house in the suburbs last year. (BUILD)
  • The glass is still full. He __________ his beer yet. (NOT DRINK)
    hasn't drunk
  • He __________ Martha for long. They __________ 2 months ago, in school. (NOT KNOW / MEET)
    hasn't known / met
  • How many tests __________ last week? (YOU / HAVE)
    did you have
  • __________ an operation? (YOU / EVER HAVE)
    Have you ever had
  • What a mess! Someone _________ his hair cut. (HAVE)
    has had
  • My uncle __________ around USA for six months. (TRAVEL)
    has been travelling
  • The lights in that office building ________ on and off all evening. (GO)
    have been going
  • __________ yesterday? (YOU/ ARRIVE)
    did you arrive