Present Continuous Pictures

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  • We (learn) English in the class.
    Are learning
  • They (speak -negative) Italian, they (speak) German.
    aren't speaking / are speaking
  • Who (ride) the bike?
    Is riding
  • The dog (eat) its food now.
    Is eating
  • Lucas (swim -negative) at the beach, he (swim) at a lake.
    isn't swimming / is swimming
  • Where (the kids / go) now?
    Are the kids going
  • Why (the baby / cry?
    Is the baby crying
  • Matt and Roger (play -negative) tennis, they (play) badminton.
    Aren't playing / are playing
  • The waiter (work -negative) today.
    Isn't working
  • The superheroes (fly - negative) right now.
    Aren't flying
  • Who (you / call) to?
    are you calling
  • What (the teacher / explain) today?
    is the teacher explaining
  • (Sarah / study) for the biology exam?
    Is Sarah studying
  • I (sleep - negative) at the moment.
    Am not sleeping
  • What (the woman / drink) right now?
    is the woman drinking
  • What (you / do) right now?
    Are you doing