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  • When I go to a city I like to take a __________ __________ to get to know a little about the city.
    sightseeing tour
  • I think Harrods is the best ___________ ___________ in the world!
    department store
  • I like living in a ___________ ___________ ___________.
    block of flats
  • In the foreground there is a ________ and in the distance it shows the ___________ of a city.
    farm/fields skyline
  • Trams are one form of _________ _________ that helps cut down on traffic.
    public transport
  • I love __________. But they can sometimes make it more windy in cities.
  • Some tall buildings are a mix of __________ and __________ use. People can work and live in the same building.
    office residential
  • Cities of the future will need good ___________ ___________.
    transport interchanges
  • At the new _________ we can listen to music, borrow movies, and play games as well as borrow or read books and other printed material.
  • There are some __________ streets where cars and trucks are prohibited.
  • There's a ___________ ___________ on our school building.
    green roof
  • Jogging is just one _________ activity you can do in a park.
  • I've been looking for 20 minutes and still can't find a ___________ ___________.
    parking space.
  • You can catch a ferry from the _________ to other parts of the city.
  • Even though we live in the countryside there is a great __________ __________ nearby.
    sports centre
  • The Eiffel Tower is one of the main _________ in Paris.
  • I live in the ___________ ___________.
    city centre
  • In a city you can watch a __________ at the __________.
    concert stadium
  • You'll need to take the ___________ to get to the other side.
  • I prefer to live in a _________ environment.
  • My uncle lives in the ___________, not the centre.
  • I'll meet you in front of Primark at the ___________.
    shopping centre.
  • Lifts from street level to ticket halls make the metro more _________ to _________ users.
    accessible wheelchair
  • I think every city should have _________ and other _________ spaces.
    parks green
  • In the country, there is no __________ _________. You can see lots of stars.
    light pollution