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Present Continuous
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  • Are you flying a kite at the moment?
    Yes, I am.
  • What is he doing at the moment?
    He is skiing at the moment.
  • What are you doing?
    I am eating a sandwich.
  • Are you studying Maths now?
    Student's answer
  • Are they going shopping?
    Yes, they are.
  • What is your teacher doing?
    Student's answer
  • What is your dad doing right now?
    Student's answer.
  • What are you doing?
    We are reading newspapers right now.
  • What is he doing right now?
    He is doing homework with his friends right now.
  • Is she baking cakes now?
    Yes, she is.
  • Is she talking on the phone at the moment?
    Yes, she is
  • Are you chatting with your friends right now?
    Student's answer.
  • Is he babysitting his nephew now?
    Yes, he is.
  • Are they playing badminton right now?
    No, they aren't. They're playing soccer.
  • Is your mom watching TV now?
    Student's answer.
  • What is she doing at present?
    She is cooking at present.
  • Is she drinking milk?
    No, she isn't. She's drinking water.
  • What is she doing?
    She is dancing.
  • What is your dog doing at the moment?
    My dog is sleeping at the moment.
  • Are they swimming right now?
    No, they aren't. They are hiking.
  • Is he driving a plane?
    No, he isn't. He is driving a bus.
  • What is he doing?
    He is grilling meat.
  • Are they playing video games?
    No, they aren't. They're playing soccer.
  • What are they doing now?
    They are listening to music now.