Past Simple

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  • _____ (I/forget) something?
    Did I forget something?
  • He _____ (take) a shower.
    He took a shower.
  • We_______(chat) online last weekend.
    We chatted online last weekend.
  • _____ (he/go) to the party?
    Did he go to the party?
  • I _____ (not/change) trains in New York City.
    I didn’t change trains in New York City.
  • Why _____ (you/come)?
    Why did you come?
  • What time _____ (he/get up) yesterday?
    What time did he get up yesterday?
  • Mike _________(catch) the ball at the baseball court.
    Mike caught the ball at the baseball court.
  • Where _____ (you/ get off) the train?
    Where did you get off the train?
  • They _____ (live) in Paris.
    They lived in Paris.
  • He _____ (not/study) for the exam.
    He didn’t study for the exam.
  • The exams ________________ (be) difficult.
    The exams were difficult.
  • I _____ (not /drink) any coffee yesterday.
    I didn’t drink any coffee yesterday.
  • She _________________ (not / study) French at university.
    She didn't study French at university.
  • _____ (she/make) good coffee?
    Did she make good coffee?
  • I _____(not/watch) TV.
    I didn’t watch TV.
  • What time _____ (the film/start)?
    What time did the film start?
  • We _____ (not/use) the computer last night.
    We didn’t use the computer last night.
  • She _____ (read) the newspaper yesterday.
    She read the newspaper yesterday.
  • We _____ (wake up) very late.
    We woke up very late.
  • I _________________ (send) you an e-mail earlier.
    I sent you an e-mail earlier.
  • The food ________________ (not / be) very good.
    The food wasn't very good.
  • What _____ (he/give) his mother for Christmas?
    What did he give his mother for Christmas?
  • She _____ (get on) the bus in the city.
    She got on the bus in the city.