English class A2 unit 4

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  • włączyć
    turn on
  • blender
  • My sister and brother ________________________ (swim) when we _______(arrive)
    were swimming, arrived
  • mikrofalówka
    microwave oven
  • włączyć do kontaktu
    plug in
  • odtwarzacz DVD
    DVD player
  • konsola do gier
    games console
  • pendrive
    USB stick
  • telewizor z dostępem do internrtu
    smart TV
  • toster
  • They________________________ (study) for a Maths test when grandma _______ (open) the door
    were studying, opened
  • I ________________________ (play) computer games in my room when it _______(start) to rain
    was playing, started
  • wyłączyć
    turn off
  • We ________________________ (do) chores when she _______(knock) the door
    were doing, knocked
  • elektryczna szczoteczka do zębów
    electric toothbrush
  • What ________( you/ do) when I ________(see) you?
    were you doing, saw
  • wyłączyć z kontaktu
  • I ________________________ (read) a book in the sun when I ________(see) a huge spider
    was reading, saw
  • My brothers _______________________ (watch) TV when TV _______(break) down
    were watching, broke
  • We ________________________ (not have) fun when they _______( come) back home
    weren't having, came
  • suszarka do włosów
  • ___________(he, play) football when you __________( meet) him?
    Was he playing, met
  • pilot
    remote control
  • I ________ ( cook) dinner when my dad (come)
    was cooking, came