How long have you...? - present perfect practice ...

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  • How long have you lived in your apartment?
    I've lived in my apartment _____.
  • How long _____ it _____ raining?
    It's been raining _____.
  • How long have they been married?
    They've been married _____.
  • She _____ had a cold _____ a few days.
    She has had a cold for a few days.
  • How long _____ they _____ on strike?
    They've been on strike _____.
  • He _____ had that computer _____ April.
    He has had that computer since April.
  • How long _____ they _____ working on that project?
    They've been working on that project _____.
  • She _____ _____ at the supermarket _____ 9 o'clock.
    She has been at the supermarket since 9 o'clock.
  • How long have you been learning English?
    I've been learning English _____.
  • How long has he been working there?
    He's been working there since February.
  • How long have you been waiting?
    I've been waiting _____.
  • How long _____ he _____ working out?
    He has been working out _____.
  • He _____ had a pet rabbit _____ a few months.
    He has had a pet rabbit for a few months.
  • How long has she been living here?
    She's been living here for three _____.
  • How long has she been doing yoga?
    She's been doing yoga _____.
  • How long have you worked at your current job?
    I've worked at my current job _____.
  • He _____ _____ going to the gym _____ several years.
    He has been going to the gym for several years.
  • How long have you had a mobile phone?
    I've had a mobile phone _____.
  • How long have they been together?
    They've been together _____.
  • How long has he had his hair like that?
    He's  had his hair like that _____.
  • How long have they known each other?
    They've known each other _____.