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  • "I'll order the cheeseburger with fries" Bob said (decide)
    Bob decided to order the cheeseburger with fries.
  • "I promise I will take you to Las Vegas" he told her (promise)
    He promise her to take her to Las Vegas
  • "I think George is the serial killer" Nia said (suspect)
    Nia suspected George of being the serial killer.
  • "Don't talk during the exam" Said the teacher. (warn)
    The teacher warned us not to talk during the exam
  • Why didn't I buy the sneakers when they were on sale?" she said. (regret)
    She regretted not buying the sneakers when they were on sale
  • "Why don't we phone Matt to invite him to the party?" She told me (suggest)
    She suggested phoning Matt to invite him to the party
  • "You must push this button first!" He told me. (explain)
    He explained that I must push that button first.
  • "You never get home early" His mother told him (complain)
    His mother complained that he never gets home early
  • "I'm sorry I'm late" Nadia said (apologize)
    Nadia apologized for being late
  • “The bags look very heavy. Can I help you?" He told her. (offer)
    He offered to help her with the bags
  • "Go to your room!" my mom told me (order)
    My mom ordered me to go to my room
  • "I didn't clean my room" he said (confess)
    He confessed that he hadn't cleaned his room.
  • “Would you like to come for lunch on Sunday?” Ned asked Sandra. (invite)
    Ned invited Sandra to come for lunch on Sunday.
  • "I won't do my homework" Alice said to her mom (refuse)
    Alice refused to do her homework
  • "You won the competition, congratulations" Jim told me (congratulate / on)
    Jim congratulated me on winning the competition
  • "The accident was all my fault" said Greg (admit)
    Greg admitted that the accident was all his fault.
  • "I love your present, thank you very much" Nora told Josh (Thank)
    Nora Thanked Josh for the present.
  • "You lost Samantha's new bracelet" Maggie told him (accuse / of)
    Maggie accused him of losing Samantha's new bracelet.
  • "Don't forget to call your grandmother" Mom said to me (remind / me)
    My mom reminded me to call my grandmother.
  • "We could go to the movies" he said. (propose)
    He proposed that we could go to the movies
  • "You should visit the Roman Colosseum" He told us. (recommend)
    He recommended that we should visit the Roman Colosseum/He recommended visiting
  • "He always eats with his mouth open!" She said (criticize)
    She criticized him for eating with his mouth open
  • "Please, please, don't tell my mom what happened" She told her brother (beg)
    She begged her brother not to tell their mom what happened
  • "I won't get a haircut" the kid said (refuse)
    The kid refused to get a haircut.
  • "I didn't talk to him yesterday" She said (deny)
    She denied talking to him the previous day