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Flyers-Reading part 1 Guessing game
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  • You can use this to talk to your friends and your family when you are not with them
    a telephone
  • You usually play this game outside in a team of eleven people and you wear shorts and a shirt.
  • Windows are usually made of this. It is hard, but easy to break.
  • You can eat lunch or dinner at this place. Other people cook food for you and bring it to your table.
    a restaurant
  • Breakfast,lunch and dinner are all examples of these.
  • There is a lot of this in cakes, chocolate, ice-cream and sweets.
  • You can buy medicine, and sometimes brushes, comb and soap at this place
    a chemist's
  • before it rains, you see a lot of these in the sky. They are white or grey.
  • When people cook, they often put this in the food. It is white and you can get from the sea
  • This little animal has eight legs and catches flies and eats them.
    a spider
  • You sometimes see these in the sky after it rains. They have seven colors in them.
  • This comes from trees, and tables and chairs are often made from it
  • This is usually made from fruit and you can eat it with bread.
  • You can see clowns and animals like horses and elephants in this place.
  • You can skate on this or put a piece of it in a cold drink.