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Flyers-Reading Part 1 Guessing Game
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  • You write this on an envelope. Then the postman can take it to the correct house.
    An address.
  • Windows are made of this because you can see through it, but it is easy to break.
  • There are things that you give to people who you like.
  • This begins in January and ends in December.
    A year
  • If someone is ill, this can take them quickly through the traffic to the hospital.
    an ambulance
  • This usually smells nice and people use it when they wash their hands.
  • You can buy medicines, toothbrushes and combs from this shop.
    a chemist's
  • This yellow metal comes from rocks in the ground and it is very expensive and very beautiful.
  • You can buy these from post offices and you put them on letters before you post them.
  • People usually write on these and send them to their friends and family when they are on holiday.
  • There are doctors and nurses in this place. You gop there if you are very ill.
    A hospital
  • This is the time of the day which comes between morning and afternoon.
  • This is a book with spaces to write in for each day of the year.
    A dairy
  • This comes from trees and make tables and chairs with it.
  • We use this for the windows of cars and houses. You can see through it.