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Flyers - Reading Part 1 Guessing Game
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  • Many people carry one of these, but you can also find them in homes and offices. You can use them to talk to people who are far away.
  • These animals lived a long time ago. They don't live now.
  • These animals can live in caves, in trees and sometimes in our house! In some places, you see them flying and looking for food in the evening.
  • These people work for newspapers or magazines. They have to talk to important people and write about the news.
  • You can usually see this in the sky during the day. It gives us light.
    the sun
  • This is a kind of big, round fruit which is dark green outside and red or pink inside.
    a watermelon
  • These people draw and paint pictures to sell.
  • If you have to go outside at night, take this with you to help you see. It is a kind of small light.
    A torch
  • You can see this if it is dark outside and there are no clouds. It is round and usually looks white.
    The moon
  • People need to use these to open all kinds of doors. They are small and made of metal.
  • This person helps people who have problems with their car or motobikes. He often gets very dirty in his job.
    a mechanic
  • These are very rich women who are very important. Some of them live in castles.
  • You use these to eat ice cream our soup from a bowl, or to put some sugar in a drink.
  • You eat this from a bowl with a spoon or drink it from a big cup. You can make it with vegetables and meat.
  • If you need to put butter on bread or cut something like meat, you can use these.
  • Most people have three of these a day: breakfast, lunch or dinner.