Banking and Budgeting

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  • What is the person that works at the bank called?
    The bank teller
  • Give 2 examples of a variable expense?
    Buying a video game, going out to the movies, getting a pair of new shoes,
  • Name at least 2 examples of utilities?
    Electricity, gas, garbage, water, phone
  • True or False: Earnings and Income mean the same thing
  • What does it mean if something is a good value
    when something is a good price, when one brand is cheaper than other brands, when a store has better prices than another, etc.
  • What does it mean when you do price comparisons?
    Answers vary...but it is when you take an item and see how much it costs at different stores
  • What is an expense?
    Something you spend your money on
  • What is a deposit?
    Putting money IN the bank
  • When you say to the bank teller, "what is my balance please?", what are you asking them?
    You are asking them how much money do you have in your account
  • What is a withdrawal?
    Taking money out of the bank
  • SUPER CHALLENGE QUESTION: 1) How much does a hamburger, french fries, and medium coke cost if you bought each one separately? 2) How much is the meal if you buy all 3 things together by ordering the #3?
    Answer 1- $6.35 Answer 2- $6.35
  • True or False: it is more economical (a better value) to buy your own groceries and eat at home.
  • Give 2 examples of a fixed expense?
    Rent, Utility bills like electricity, gas, phone, cable TV, gym membership
  • You want to buy a ticket to see a movie. It costs $8.00. You also want to buy a small popcorn for $5.00 and candy for $5.00. You have $20.00. Do you have enough money?
    Yes! Enjoy
  • True or False; A variable expense varies or changes each month.
  • True or False: A Fixed Expense stays the same every month