SS8CG5 Juvenile Justice System in GA

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  • Who should be the first contacted if a juvenile is detained/taken into custody?
    The parent/parents/guardian
  • If the juvenile and his lawyer/parent/parents/guardian disagree with the ruling of the judge at the end of the first hearing, what is their next option?
    File an appeal and have the case reviewed in an appelate court.
  • In this hearing/trial, the judge decides on the sentence or punishment of the guilty juvenile.
    Disposition Hearning/Trial
  • In this hearing/trial, the judge listens to evidence and determines guilt.
    Adjudicatory hearing/trial
  • What is the responsiblity of an intake officer in the juvenile justice system?
    The intake officer determines if there is enough evidence to charge the juvenile.
  • What is the rule concerning names and photos of detained juveniles?
    The right to keep their name and photo private, not available to public
  • In the state of Georgia, a juvenile is a person
    under the age of 17
  • When would a juvenile be charged as an adult?
    If between 13-16 and commit a "deadly sin" such as armed robbery, murder, grand theft auto
  • A behavior or act that would not be criminal if done by an adult is considered
  • What is an act committed by a juvenile that would be a criminal offense according to state law?
    Delinquent Act