ADV 2 - Unit 8 - Reading p.106

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  • 2. How many votes did the World Wide Web received compared to the bicycle?
    twice as many
  • 8. Name one of the forms of checking your ID suggested by the text ?
    microchip, genetic info scanner, provide skin cells
  • 7. What is the fastest-growing type of crime?
    identity theft
  • 5. The scientist Ray Kurzweill wants to convert rubbish into new sources of energy using what?
    microscopic robots
  • 10. How long will people live in the future?
  • 6. Clara Petrovic wants to convert rubbish into what?
    bricks and building materials
  • 1. Two surveys named two ordinary objects as the world’s greatest inventions. What are they?
    toilet and bicicle
  • 4. What is the type of power suggested by scientist Hilary Craft to replace oil?
    solar power
  • 9. What is the name of the plague that killed half of Europe’s population?
    Black death
  • 3. How long is it going to take for our oil to run out?
    50 years