English Class A2 unit 3 HOLIDAY

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  • When/ you/ arrive/ home?
    When did you arrive home?
  • What's this?
    buy a souvenir
  • zeszłej nocy
    last night
  • what's this?
    go camping
  • what's this?
    go hiking
  • What is this?
    do water sports
  • wczoraj
  • how many days/ you / be / there?
    How many days were you there?
  • what's this?
    go cycling
  • She saw whales - make negative
    She didn't see whales
  • what's this?
    go snorkelling
  • /Anna/ go / with you?
    Did Anna go with you?
  • Tom ___________(not be) at school 2 days ago.
  • She _________(not see) a dog 2 days ago.
    didn't see
  • What____________you (do) yesterday?
    what did you do
  • They __________(not be) happy yesterday,
  • The hotel was expensive - make negative
    The hotel wasn't expensive
  • what's this?
    try the local food
  • what's this?
    read a guidebook
  • ______she _____(buy) a souvenir yesterday?
    did shy buy
  • They ate dinner. -make negative
    They didn't eat dinner
  • They __________( go) to the shop yesterday.
  • what's this?
    go on a boat trip
  • what's this?
    stay in a hotel
  • what's this?
    go sightseeing
  • what's this?
    go on a guided tour
  • 2 dni temu
    2 days ago
  • what's this?
    explore a city/a town/an area
  • what's this?
    go to the beach
  • Where __________you last night? (be)
  • dawno temu
    a long time ago
  • what's this?
    visit a museum
  • what's this?
    go on a day trip
  • My mum __________(cook) dinner 2 hours ago.