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General Review - Present Continuous
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  • Theo and I (to dance - negative) at the moment.
    aren't dancing
  • Those children (to jump) rope.
    are jumping
  • I (to wear) pants and a T-shirt. [SPELL]
    am wearing
  • What (the science teacher / to prepare) today?
    is the science teacher preparing
  • She (to read) a magazine.
    is reading
  • We (to love) our teacher now! [SPELL]
    are loving
  • Rafa and JP (to play - negative) Roblox at the moment?
    Aren't Rafa and JP playing
  • Corvax (to collect) stamps now.
    is collecting
  • What (they / to do) now?
    are they doing
  • I (to sleep - negative) in my bedroom.
    I'm not/am not sleeping
  • They (to squeeze) some oranges to make orange juice now. [SPELL]
    are squeezing
  • Why (you / to eat - negative) now?
    aren't you eating
  • Al (to teach - negative) excellent English classes now?
    Isn't Gabriel teaching
  • The kids (to swim) at the beach. [SPELL]
    are swimming
  • What (she / to drink) right now?
    is she drinking
  • Phil and Rafa (to open) their books now?
    Are Phil and Rafa opening
  • The teacher (to fly - negative) right now. [SPELL]
    isn't flying
  • Buddy and Bitim (to study) for the science test. [SPELL]
    are studying
  • Who (to wash) the dishes?
    is washing
  • Where (JP and Sophie / to go) now?
    are JP and Sophie going
  • How (the student - to come) to school?
    is the student coming
  • Who (to ride) a bike? [SPELL]
    is riding
  • My brother (to play) tennis.
    is playing
  • The maid (to sweep - negative) the floor.
    isn't sweeping