Book 5 (Units 1-6)

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  • Say 3 things you can bet on
    horses, football, cards
  • Say 3 things that have a remote control
    TV, DVD, air-conditioning
  • Say 3 things you can postpone
    a meeting, a doctor appointment, a trip
  • Say 3 places that receive visitors
    hotels, museums, art galleries
  • Say 3 job positions
    coordinator, manager, assistant
  • Say 3 things you can apply to
    a position in the government, a job, university
  • Say 3 things that motivate you
    a promotion, money, praises
  • Say 3 things that can cause a scandal
    corruption, an affair, a crime
  • Say 3 types of critics
    book critics, movie critics, restaurant critics
  • Say 3 things that spoil a child
    sweets, toys, too much praise
  • Say 3 things you will have done by the end of the year
    finished this book, watched 50 films, worked here for 4 years
  • Say 3 things you will do when you retire
    travel, take care of grandchildren, write a book
  • Say 3 things people can cheat on
    a test, a partner, taxes
  • Say 3 things we can hang on a hanger
    a T-shirt, a blouse, a shirt
  • Say 3 things that can leak
    a pipe, a roof, a toilet
  • Say 3 reasons to move abroad
    a better job, more opportunities, learn another language
  • Say 3 things unsociable people like
    stay home, watch TV, cats
  • Say 3 types of relatives
    brother, sister, mother
  • Say 3 reasons to learn English
    meet new people, travel abroad, get a good job
  • Say 3 famous brand names
    McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Nike
  • Say 3 things you can be addicted to
    drugs, alcohol, social media