Easter Riddles

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  • I'm rectangular or square. I'm made of paper. People send me to their families and friends to wish them Happy Easter.
    Easter card
  • We're hard-boiled. People decorate us before Easter.
    Easter eggs
  • I'm a special container used in Easter celebrations. People put Easter food in me and then take me to food blessing on Holy Saturday.
    Easter basket
  • I'm one of the Easter cakes with small black seeds inside.
    Poppy seed cake
  • I'm a traditional Polish symbolic decoration people take to church on 'Palm' Sunday.
    Easter palm
  • We are brown, oval and sweet. Children love eating us at Easter time.
    Chocolate eggs
  • We are soft light buds on tree branches. People decorate Easter baskets or Easter palms with us.
  • I'm a little yellow animal. I hatch from a hen's egg.
    Easter chick
  • I'm a game in which children look for hidden Easter eggs.
    Easter egg hunt
  • We're small sweet bread rolls that contain currants and have a cross on top. People eat us in the UK around Easter.
    Hot cross buns
  • I'm a round lemon cake traditionally served at Easter time.
    Easter cake (Easter babka)
  • We are small and sweet. We are soft in the middle and covered with hard sugar on the outside. We come in many different colours and flavours.
    Jelly beans
  • I'm one of the seasons when the trees turn green and flowers bloom.
  • I'm one of the days on which people traditionally pour water on one another.
    Easter Monday (Wet Monday)
  • We are two types of spices. People put us in Easter baskets. We are opposite colours.
    Salt and pepper
  • We are brightly coloured spring flowers on tall stems and are shaped like cups. We can be yellow, red or pink.
  • We are tall yellow spring flowers that are like trumpets in shape.
  • I'm the most important meal on Easter Sunday morning.
    Easter breakfast
  • I was placed on the head of Jesus during the events leading up to his crucifixion.
    Crown of thorns
  • I'm one of the symbols of Easter. I bring Easter eggs.
    Easter bunny
  • I'm a white animal. I symbolize Jesus and his sacrifice.
    Easter lamb
  • I'm the art of colouring eggs. Children love doing it at Easter.
    Egg decorating
  • I'm a small plant with thin stems and very small leaves, often eaten in salads and sandwiches. I'm very popular at Easter time.